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Deploy apps to servers that you own and control. We'll take care of the configuration while you focus on building great apps.

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Deploy anywhere, including these popular hosting providers:

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    • Hosting/digitalocean
    • Hosting/linode
    • Hosting/vultr
    • Hosting/hetzner

Everything you need to run your Rails apps.

Spend less time on DevOps by letting Hatchbox take care of it.

Caddy & SSL

Apps are served using Caddy which provides seamless SSL certificates using LetsEncrypt.

Processes & Cron Jobs

Run as many processes as you need to handle background workers. Plus, cron jobs can be easily added to run code at specific times.


Add Postgres, MySQL, Redis to your cluster or connect AWS, DigitalOcean, CrunchyData or any managed database host for simple scaling.

Full SSH Access

Get full control over your servers with SSH access. Customize anything you need without fiddling with containers.

Simplify everyday DevOps.

We simplify your deployments while still giving you full access to your servers.


Runs servers anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to use AWS, DigitalOcean, or a server in your home basement, Hatchbox just needs a fresh copy of Ubuntu LTS to deploy apps.


Don't pay more for multiple apps.

We charge by the servers we manage. Not per-app. You can save money by run 2+ apps on the same cluster without spending an extra dime.


Collaborate with your team.

Easily add your team and give them access to your cluster to manage deployments, view logs, and scale servers.

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Loved by businesses worldwide.

Hatchbox makes deploying to servers that you control easier than ever. No need to jump through hoops to configure servers or make your app compatible with containers.

    • For our genome analysis pipelines, we need to be able to quickly setup and deploy servers in data centres across the world. Traditionally this involves fiddling with obscure config files, daemons and database setups. Not anymore: thanks to HatchBox, we can now confidently deploy our apps with a few clicks while still retaining full control.

      Peter Schols
      CEO at Diploid Genomics
    • My first production website was a free community gaming site hosted on Heroku. It quickly grew into a $200+ plan which I could not sustain. I remember having to miss a party bc I had to upgrade my Postgres plan. Then I moved to Hatchbox.

      Matias Eduardo
    • Hatchbox is a dream! We just migrated our $2k per month Heroku app to a $300 per month equivalent. Thanks, @excid3 for these great tools

      Kieran Klassen
    • Two years with @hatchboxio and will never go back to Heroku again. No change in my day to day #rails development to production workflow. Amazing customer service to boot. And the best part? Hosting costs went from ~$400 a month down to $49.

      Nick Haskins
    • Did a quick cost analysis for a project on Heroku for a client. Too high! What else can I use? @hatchboxio! Spun up a quick server. Pushed deploy and boom. Things are working! Sidekiq is processing jobs. No fuss. Great work @excid3! ✨

      Jeffrey Guenther
    • Just finished migrating @ScreamRecs to Digital Ocean in like 2 hrs, can't believe how smooth it was and that's including domain and SSL. @hatchboxio made it super easy to get servers up. Encrypted rails creds also made things really easy.

      Cody Norman

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